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The Routes API endpoints allow you to to access data and functionalities available in the Freight platform’s Routes tool. It provides $/MMBtu LNG freight forward curves across global LNG shipping routes.

Spark Routes provides $/MMBtu LNG freight cost spot and forward curves for all major LNG shipping routes. The route costs represent the cost for a charterer to transport LNG from load port to discharge port, which includes hire costs (including prevailing ballast bonus and positioning charges), fuel costs, port costs, canal costs and Panama congestion costs if applicable. The route spot rate is for a fixing for vessel delivery in 15 to 45 days, and the route forward curves are listed by forward month for spot fixings within those months with spot defined at a fixture for vessel delivery 15 to 45 days after the fixing month.

Please read our Routes Methodology for more details.

Below is a typical step-by-step process of accessing specific route datasets.

Code Sample 🚀

For a step-by-step Python (Jupyter Notebook) example of accessing and formatting the Spark API Routes data, please visit our Github page.