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API Request

Overview of Functionality

To access the data, you will need to provide the correct credentials using an OAuth2 client (like a key or password). To create your client credentials, visit our Guide on the platform or in the API documentation.

Currently, there are four main access points for the API:

  • Contracts (Cargo and Freight)
  • Routes (Freight)
  • Netbacks (Cargo)
  • Access

Each of these access points have a unique URL associated with them, which is used to call the according data. These URLs all have the same base

denoted from hereon as ~.

Spark offers a wide range of data products within these categories, and so parameters can be added to each of these access point URLs to specify the exact data required. As such, the API provides all the customisability of the Spark platform in terms of optional parameters (e.g. contract type, vessel type etc.). Each access point, and they’re associated parameters, will be explained in-depth in this guide.

It should be noted that trial users can only access 2 weeks worth of historical data. To get full access to the Spark Historical dataset, please contact us at to discuss upgrading to Premium.


From hereon, the {} included in URLs in this document are to highlight where to insert custom parameters (e.g. vessel type, congestion delays etc.) and should be omitted in the actual URL