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The Netbacks API endpoints allow you to access data and functionalities available in the Cargo platform’s Netbacks tool. It provides $/MMBtu forward curves for LNG netbacks from Northwest Europe (NWE) and Northeast Asia (NEA) to major FOB locations globally.

The netback forward curves combine the Routes LNG freight cost curves from the Spark LNG Freight platform with the forward curves from the Spark Cargo platform to derive NWE, NEA and max netback forward curves for FOB locations. This tool is designed to provide valuations for FOB cargos and insight into which basin LNG cargoes from different FOB locations are likely to be sent to based on current forward freight and LNG pricing.

The forward curves extend to the longest dated month possible which will vary by FOB location depending on the assumed cargo delivery dates for NWE and NEA.

Full details of the inputs and calculations for these netbacks are contained within our methodology.

Below is a typical step-by-step process of accessing specific netback datasets.

Code Sample 🚀

For a step-by-step Python (Jupyter Notebook) example of accessing and formatting the Spark API Netbacks data, please visit our Github page.