Governance and Compliance

Spark is committed to providing customers and stakeholders with robust price assessments, across assets and asset classes, that are free of conflicts of interest and comply with relevant laws, regulations and principles. To that end, we have published certain key documents and policies below, as well as making our assurance report available and providing a history of methodology consultations. Any other queries or questions can be directed to

Open Consultations


Previous Consultations

Consultation Period Product Subject Conclusion Changes Implemented
1st Sept - 30th Sept 2022 LNG Freight Spot 174 Boil Off Rate Consultation Extension Vessel Type and Boil Off Consultation Outcome 1st Jan 2024
12th July - 23rd Aug 2022 LNG Freight Spot Vessel Type and Boil Off Consultation Extended N/A
8th Nov - 3 Dec 2021 LNG Freight Spot LNG Fuel Reference Price and Publication Schedule LNG Fuel Reference Price and Publication Schedule - Response 4th Jan 2022 (Ref Price) and 4th April 2022 (Daily Publication)
6th Sept - 1st Oct 2021 LNG Freight Spot Annual Open Consultation No changes made N/A


Date Product Subject Changes Implemented
15th May 2023 European DES LNG Curve extension for LNG DES Basis Financial 31st May 2023
16th January 2023 LNG Freight Curve extension for Spark25FFA and Spark30FFA 1st February 2023