Driving price transparency

for global commodity markets

Trusted by the world's leading energy, analytical, and financial organisations.
Spot and forward prices you need with methodologies you can understand
LNG Freight
ICE listed freight assessments (Spark25/Spark30) and forward curves that help to connect global gas markets.
LNG Cargo
European delivered spot and forward LNG prices (SparkNWE) that are critical for understanding the economics of alternative gas supplies.
LNG Access
Unparalleled breakdown of European LNG terminal costs providing more transparency and efficiency to the European regasification market.
Backed by some of the largest companies in the energy ecosystem
kpler eex ice
Built for the future.
Designed using the latest technology so we can evolve as the markets do
Customer led development to ensure we constantly provide what the market needs
Strong shareholder backing to underpinning long term potential
Transparent methodologies strengthened by robust systems.
IOSCO compliant systems and methodologies audited by market leading firms
Transparent price formation to give greater insight to customers and increase trust in the market
Fully auditable data trail and strict permission controls
Data integrations that drive automation
Connect to Spark data in the way that works best for you
What we've done
  • 2023
    LNG Access launches covering European terminal pricing and capacities
  • 2022
    European LNG futures launch on ICE
  • 2022
    ICE chooses Spark for European LNG futures contracts
  • 2021
    ICE invests in Spark, joining Kpler and EEX
  • 2021
    First IOSCO audit completed by PwC
  • 2021
    22nd March
    LNG Freight futures launched on ICE
    Trades on opening day
  • 2021
    ICE chooses Spark for LNG freight futures
    ice logo
  • 2019
    30th September
    First Trade Completed
    First Spark25 OTC freight swap completed between Glencore and Socar
  • 2019
    9th April
    Spark launch
    First product - Summer 2019
    LNG Freight
    kpler logo EEX logo
Who we are
Led by commodity professionals and experienced software engineers, we are a dedicated team of people from a variety of backgrounds who want to make a big impact. We are focused on building a new way to understand commodity pricing, starting with LNG.
In early 2019, Spark launched with the backing of Kpler Ventures, part of Kpler, the world’s leading shipping tracking and commodity data intelligence provider, and EEX (formerly Powernext), part of the Deutsche Boerse Group, a globally recognised exchange. In November 2021, The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the market leading exchange in gas and LNG markets, joined as a shareholder.