LNG Flow Analysis

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Source: Kpler, JHU CSSE

As the COVID-19 situation develops, we want to connect you to how it may be impacting the LNG market, country by country. By combining Kpler vessel data, our spot LNG freight rates and the latest case numbers you can monitor any evolution quickly and easily.

The map is updated daily and click here to see the methodology

Reported Cases:


  • Normalised Weekly Case Evolution vs Prev Week (Delta ∆):

    Measure of evolution (0 to 100%): the higher the % the higher the normalised number of new cases over the past week.
    Calculation: Simple evolution rate: difference between the number of cases one (1) day prior to update and eight (8) days prior to update, normalised on the number of cases one (1) day prior to update.

  • Pace of Weekly Case Evolution vs Prev Week (Gamma γ):

    Measure of speed (-1 to 1): the larger the number, the faster the evolution in the number of cases. If this number is negative, the evolution of number of cases is decreasing. Anything negative (red) is slowing down, anything positive (black) is speeding up.
    Calculation: Difference between the Normalised Weekly Case Evolution for the current week (between 1 day and 8 days ago) and the Normalised Weekly Case Evolution last week (between 8 days and 15 days ago).

  • Incoming LNG Vessels:

    Number of LNG Vessels pointing to a specific country as of one (1) day prior to update (covering import and export where applicable).

  • Evolution of Incoming LNG Vessels vs Prev Week (Delta ∆):

    Simple evolution rate between number of LNG Vessel Arrivals Last Week (between 1 day and 8 days ago) and number of LNG Vessel Arrivals Previous Week (between 8 days and 15 days ago).

  • Spark25S and Spark30S Rates:

    Latest Spark spot rates for vessels delivering 15-45 days ahead of the assessment date. Spark30S is for the Atlantic Basin and Spark25S is for the Pacific Basin. Updated every Tuesday and Friday.


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